Paul Whibley GNCC Round 5 Race Report!

Race Report: GNCC Rnd 5 Indiana 
 Rider: Paul Whibley 
 Team: N fab, AmPro Yamaha 
 Bike: Yamaha YZ450 F 
 Result: 4th XC1 
The tricky off-camber start line is becoming a bit of a feature at the Indiana GNCC. I got a good 
drive off the line and came into turn one right beside Stu Baylor on the 2 stroke KTM. He had 
the inside line and I drove it in hard and came round the outside side by side heading into turn 
two and the holeshot line. I braked really late and took the holeshot and was able to turn on 
the loam on the outside of turn two and held the lead as we worked our way towards the 
woods. Leading the first half of the lap at a pretty conservative pace, I was expecting to be 
dropping positions rapidly. My pace was a little slow after a crash in practice left me with chest 
pain in my sternum. I wasn’t even sure I was going to race with breathing and sneezing being 
particularly difficult leading up to the race. Once on the bike and some adrenaline started to 
flow I found I was able to ride relatively pain free as long as no mistakes or sudden dabs were 
taken. I was soon passed by a few riders and settled into about 5th. I found I could ride this pace comfortably and not risk any further injury. That was until Japanese rider Takashi Koikeda 
passed me and sparked my inner desire to race. My pace soon increased and I found myself 
retaking the position from Takashi and also my team mate Jordan Ashburn who passed me on 
lap one. I rode most of the race in third place till late in the lap when I slowed again, and Kailub Russell took the position. I think the adrenaline had started to wear off. In the end a solid finish from a race that I wasn’t sure I would see the checkered flag. 
1st: Charlie Mullins 
2nd: Thad Duvall 
3rd: Kailub Russell